Turk Marketing Group is a local Nashville agency that specializes in sourcing, decorating and promoting branded merchandise that will bring a polished retail image to any size organization, and Gildhaus is our house brand. We've curated the industry's highest quality products and branded them tastefully. Our aim is to keep you updated with the latest products and decoration methods. It's simple: if you see a Gildhaus product that you like, we will brand it for you!



You are passionate about your cause; we are passionate about your image. Gildhaus has experience finding just the right products to promote schools, religious groups, clubs, and nonprofits.



Your retail image requires a tireless effort to keep your products fresh and customers coming back for more; we want to be part of that team. Gildhaus provides branded products to retailers all over the country, handling orders both large and small.



You want your clients to think of you first; we know just the thing to remind them. Whether you need that affordable promo item, custom supplies for the office, or a perfect gift for top clients or employees, Gildhaus has you covered.